June 18, 2024

New BMW Bike Trends

BMW bikes set new urban trends with their distinctive formal language and intelligent features, perfect for everything from sprinting fast sprints to relaxing cruises. No matter what riding experience is sought, BMW bikes offer something suitable.

BMW’s inaugural entry-level bike was met with both optimism and doubt; many believed a smaller-displacement BMW might compromise quality.


BMW’s R 18B bagger marks the brand’s latest attempt at luxury touring motorcycles. It aims to compete directly against Harley and Indian, providing riders with more premium options in terms of luxury touring touring markets.

To accomplish this goal, they strengthened the chassis and added equipment. Their frame was modified to bear this additional load while fork tubes were moved behind the steering head to reduce vibrations.

As with the R 18, it features the 1802cc “Big Boxer” engine and comes equipped with an infotainment system equipped with GPS, four analogue gauges and Marshall speaker setup – these embedded within its fairing provide added comfort for long distance rides.

Flicking the switch of an R 18 B is an experience in itself, with its massive engine roaring to life like an iconic muscle car. Out on the road, its suspension is firm yet comfortable enough that it doesn’t lag behind, while larger bumps and potholes don’t dislodge it completely from its path.

R18 Classic

Interested in an electric cruiser to take back to an earlier era of carefree road cruising? Look no further. The 2021 BMW R 18 Classic is ideal: large, heavy, wide and old-school; yet powerful thanks to an 1802cc boxer engine tuned for immense torque at low revs.

Its double-loop steel frame harkens back to the 1936 BMW R 5, while its big boxer motor can be found behind an expansive windshield and passenger seat. A large screen, passing lights, and saddlebags complete its classic aesthetic.

Although the R 18 Classic features traditional elements, its handling resembles that of modern cruiser. The ride is neutral with easy control below 40mph. Turns can be taken enthusiastically while its suspension has better ride quality than Harleys; though not as firm as Triumph Rocket 3 GTs; nonetheless it remains priced competitively for its segment and should maintain its value well.

R18 Transcontinental

BMW’s R 18 Transcontinental and Classic are BMW’s entry into the cruiser/bagger market. Both bikes feature their largest boxer engine for maximum style, class, and Berlin built tech.

The Big Boxer is widely recognized for its horizontally opposed cylinders and push-rod activation. But the frame design also stands out, following in BMW tradition by using double-loop tube steel with welded joints for stability and support for fairings, saddlebags, and passengers.

These models boast top-of-the-line infotainment and rider comfort technologies such as BMW Dynamic Cruise Control, heated grips, ABS braking system, full LED lighting with mechanical cornering illumination as well as Marshall Gold audio systems to provide maximum rider enjoyment and comfort. In short, this model may well become the ultimate technophile’s classic cruiser!


BMW G310GS’ water-cooled engine makes for an elegant riding experience on both road and trail terrain, while its small size, ergonomics, and multi level adjustable clutch/brake lever makes long distance riding effortless. However, its soft front/rear suspension prevents any real off-road capabilities from developing on this motorcycle.

The 310GS is easy to maneuver around town thanks to its compact size and light weight. With its high seat and sturdy luggage carrier, riders of all heights can find an ergonomic riding position.

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