May 30, 2024

SUV Camping Essentials

Car camping is an affordable and accessible way to experience nature. Equipped with the necessary gear, your SUV’s cargo space can become an easily transformed shelter suitable for sleeping under the stars.

An essential piece of car camping gear, an efficient cooler is a lightweight unit with an easily opening and closing lid.

1. All-Wheel Drive

If your outdoor adventures involve extensive off-roading, mud driving, rock driving or snow driving, consider renting an SUV with all-wheel drive. These vehicles boast impressive EPA estimated fuel economy ratings as well as modern multimedia technology and active safety features for added peace of mind. Choose between models equipped with Multi-Terrain Select for MUD & SAND mode or ROCK & DIRT mode or NORMAL mode to tailor to each adventure experience.

2. Cargo Space

Cargo space is essential to outdoor adventuring. It allows you to carry more gear with you.

Campers looking for something different than traditional tent camping can transform an SUV into a comfortable hotel on wheels with car campers, making the passenger area into sleeping space using bed platforms or other means.

Subaru offers several SUV models designed to withstand outdoor adventures: Outback, Forester and Crosstrek Wilderness models are equipped with rugged features designed for rough terrain.

3. Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags provide lightweight yet portable warmth throughout the night for optimal camping comfort.

If you don’t want to pitch a tent, consider equipping your SUV with Front Runner rooftop tents designed to comfortably sleep two people while taking in the stars.

Consider packing a hammock. They take up little room while being extremely comfy to lounge around camp in.

4. Toiletries

An extensive toiletries kit is an absolute necessity when car camping, particularly if your campsite does not provide bathroom facilities. A trowel can help dig catholes to dispose of waste properly according to Leave No Trace guidelines.

An SUV trunk space-saver, a toiletry bag with hanging capabilities is convenient and space-efficient. Use it to store travel-sized items, along with miscellaneous gear such as compass and terrain map.

5. Cooking Utensils

An effective camping kitchen is essential to providing meals on camping trips. Look for lightweight cookware and dining supplies that are easy to transport, store, and clean up after.

For instance, this GSI Destination Kitchen Set 24 includes every essential cooking utensil you require and fits easily in its compact carrying case. Backpackers may be interested in trying the ultralight Sea to Summit Alpha Light Spork as a spoon and fork combo that saves space in their pack.

6. Cookware

As we head into peak camping season, it is essential that we equip ourselves with the appropriate cookware. From boiling water cooks preparing instant foods, camp chefs creating menus for multiple campers or chefs who enjoy baking – versatile cooking gear will help us all on our camping adventures!

Choose a camping kit which includes pots and pans as well as an ignition canister stove for convenient camping adventures.

7. Water

No matter your activity of choice, staying hydrated is of vital importance. Pack a large water jug and multiple water bottles.

Follow the Leave No Trace principles to minimize your impact and preserve the environment for future campers. Following these easy steps will help guarantee that your SUV camping adventure will be a great success!

8. Sleeping Pad

Though sleeping bags tend to take the spotlight when it comes to camping gear, a good sleeping pad should not be overlooked when considering sleep comfort. By providing insulation from cold surfaces such as concrete, they ensure an uninterrupted night’s restful slumber.

Car campers might consider investing in either a Big Agnes or Nemo Equipment camping pad designed to fit snuggly into sleeping bags and provide an R-value suitable for each bag, with large valves to minimize air shift during the night.

9. Tent

Car camping provides more comfort than backpacking does and is also an effective way to introduce family and friends to nature.

Your group size may dictate whether or not a tent large enough for all members can fit comfortably inside, providing everyone with enough space and warmth during sleepovers.

If you prefer sleeping in your SUV without tent hassles, look into modular kits or plywood solutions designed to turn its back seats into sleeping quarters.

10. Sleeping Bag

Sleep can make or break a camping trip. Waking up fatigued can leave you grumpy and unable to appreciate what lies ahead in nature.

Have the right sleeping bag can ensure a warm and enjoyable camping trip. Be mindful when selecting your sleeping bag of its temperature rating and shape – 30-degree sleeping bags work great for summer camping while 20-degree bags work just as well for three season use.

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