July 16, 2024

Three Factors That Can Crack a Windshield

Not all cracks in a windshield are the same. Some cracks are caused by an impact such as a rock thrown into the air from another vehicle on the road. Others can be caused by temperature fluctuations. The road can be dangerous and many elements, including rocks, can cause a glass to crack. You can protect your car by being aware of them.

Factors That Can Crack a Windshield

A windshield can be damaged by a variety of events and situations. When dirt or other debris gets in between the layers and plastics of a windshield it can further tear the seal. Here are some of the most common reasons for cracks and chips.


Pressure is the main cause of windshield damage. The tires are responsible for kicking up rocks and other road debris, which can cause cracks or chips. Amazingly, such small hazards can crack the windshield. After all, windshields are made from layers of plastic and laminated glass.

A projectile must exert a pressure of approximately 20,000 to 24,000. This is roughly 60 pounds. In these cases, the laws of physics work against drivers as smaller objects can still deliver enough force to crack a windshield.

A windshield can be damaged by applying more manual pressure. Dry windshield wipers may scrape the Glass and the jolting motion of hitting bumps and dips on the road could put stress on the windshield and exacerbate any cracks. Be careful when cleaning a damaged windshield.


It would be very impractical for windshields to crack every time the temperature outside dropped. While windshields are built to withstand all types of weather, you should be aware of two important things. The laminated glass center can soften when heated. Breakage is more probable in such a condition.

It is more likely that a cracked windshield will occur when temperatures change rapidly, for example when you spray water on a winter window or turn your car’s heat up too quickly. Allow your windshield to adapt to the new temperature gradually.


It is more likely that windshields with damage will be affected by moisture. Water can weaken a seal if it gets between the layers of the windshield. This is especially true if the temperature drops below freezing. Car washes can also force detergents into the gaps between layers.

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