June 18, 2024

How to Get the Best Car Insurance Plan for You

Applying for automobile insurance is requirement by law, and statistics illustrate just how essential insurance is. The WHO reports that road accidents cause between 20 and 50 million non-fatal injuries and about 1.3 fatalities around the world each year. No matter how safe of a driver you think you are, applying for car insurance is always a necessary step to have greater peace of mind and to be prepared for any unforeseen incidents.

If you want to protect yourself and your loved ones from the costs of accidents, then applying for the best car insurance plan is a must. Here are some factors that can help you make your decision.

Comparing quotes

As costs can vary wildly despite offering the same level of coverage, one of the most effective ways to evaluate the best deals is by comparing several car insurance quotes. Different providers have different formulas for measuring your risk for filing claims. While some would consider insurance scores more deeply, others would prioritize your car type. Make sure you know what’s included in your policy — taking note of coverage, deductibles, and liability limits — and see which ones have the highest value for the price.

Cost and discounts

The cost of your monthly auto insurance premium will depend upon a variety of factors. A Sound Dollar post on the cost of car insurance highlights that the average price of a full-coverage policy is around $1,202. Factors that affect the cost of your insurance include age, gender, marital status, zip code, driving record, and the make of your vehicle. Our article ‘Factors That Affect How Much is Car Insurance’ explains that your credit score may also affect your rate, as car insurance companies have found that those with poor credit scores have more insurance claims.

Choosing the best plan depends on what kind of discounts the insurers offer, so it’s good to ask what you’re eligible for. For instance, if you take a defensive driver course or if your car has safety features like daytime running lights, you might get a discount on your premium. You can also evaluate your car’s insurance ranking to find out which vehicles have the best insurance value.


Different policies offer different combinations of coverages. Investopedia lists the most common types of car insurance coverage as bodily injury liability (BI), property damage liability (PD), medial payments or personal injury protection (PIP), collision, comprehensive, and underinsured/uninsured motorist. Although many insurers typically offer basic coverage types, you should take into account your own financial and living situation, as well as your driving habits. For instance, you might want coverage that will assist if you can’t afford to fund a major repair. If you have teen drivers in your household, you might also want to consider roadside assistance insurance, medical payments coverage, or towing and labor coverage to make your plans more comprehensive.

Customer experience

Another thing you would want to look at is the customer experience of your insurance company. This is an important factor as it could determine the ease of claiming insurance when you need it. You would want to look into whether they have good customer support facilities. Do they respond to inquiries quickly? Do they have a digital app to facilitate requests or pay bills? You should look up third-party reviews of the companies. See whether they have a good claim settlement record or are known to be trustworthy in terms of customer service.

With how frequently we drive, getting the best car insurance policy is a critical decision to make. Being knowledgeable about how to choose the best deals can make a world of difference should you encounter any difficulties with your cars.

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