June 18, 2024

Factors That Affect How Much Is Car Insurance

If you’re wondering how much is car insurance, there are several factors you can consider. First, consider your vehicle. While color doesn’t affect monthly insurance costs, make and model, engine size, and body type do. More expensive cars tend to be more expensive to repair and replace, and their price will reflect this fact. If you drive a less expensive car, you may be able to save money on auto insurance by purchasing an older model.

Age is another factor. Teens and people who are still young and unmarried are likely to have a higher rate. In some states, however, age is not a factor. While this does make a difference, married people tend to pay lower premiums than single individuals. However, in general, older drivers pay more than younger drivers. Moreover, those who are over 65 are more likely to be involved in serious accidents.

Having a minor violation can make your rates skyrocket. A minor violation can cost hundreds of dollars per year, but it can raise premiums by more than double. A recent study found that a one-car accident caused by a careless driver resulted in a $335 increase in the average six-month policy, or $670 over a year. Most insurance providers raise rates for three to five years after the violation.

While the average price of car insurance in each state varies by state, GEICO is the most affordable and the average for the 50 states is just under $5,318. In states where such companies are available, they make up a large part of the car insurance market. For example, in Ohio, Illinois, and Nevada, insurance rates are lower than those in Michigan. If you’re looking for a cheap insurance policy, there are some tips you can follow to make your premium more affordable.

Your credit score will also affect your rate. Car insurance companies have found a link between people with poor credit and more insurance claims. The impact of a low credit score on a car insurance policy varies by state, but on average, bad-credit drivers’ rates double in four states. In North Carolina, for instance, State Farm’s rates for poor-credit drivers are quadruple. And in Indiana, Nationwide rates are about $25 higher for drivers with low credit.

Age is another factor that affects auto insurance rates. Young drivers tend to be more risky and pay higher rates. However, their rates will drop as they hit their mid-twenties. After 25 years of age, male drivers will be paying about $1,300 a month less than their female counterparts. For those who are unsure of the age difference, the best way to get an idea of what to expect from your premium is to compare rates.

The national average for car insurance is $1,630 per year – or $136 a month. Rates vary by state and driver history, so make sure to shop around. To see how much you can save, compare rates on NerdWallet. Typical monthly rates include liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage. State-mandated insurance can also be included. For example, if you live in the Midwest, you may only need liability coverage

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