May 30, 2024

Car Insurance For Seniors – A Review of Geico and Auto-Owners

Car insurance for seniors is readily available at competitive rates, and most providers provide various discounts. Bundling your auto policy with your homeowners or renters insurance policy as well as increasing your deductible can further help lower premiums.

Geico provides the lowest average auto insurance rates for drivers 65 or older, with rates that start from $115 monthly up to around $136 for 75 year-olds. Other affordable options are Nationwide, Erie and USAA.


Geico offers affordable car insurance plans to seniors that fall well below the national average, and provides several ways for mature drivers to save money, such as discounts for taking defensive driving courses or being accident-free for an extended period. Geico’s guaranteed renewal program helps protect customers’ rates after cancellation or lapse in coverage, helping keep rates from increasing dramatically after policy cancellation or lapse.

Geico stands out amongst auto insurers by its clever marketing and low rates, making them an attractive option for anyone searching for simple yet cost-effective car coverage. Their customer service has received positive reviews on WalletHub and they offer a comprehensive array of coverage options as well as discounts such as safe driver, multi-policy and federal employee (Eagle) status discounts for seniors.

Progressive and USAA are other top providers for senior auto insurance, offering competitive premiums with a comprehensive array of coverage options at highly-competitive premiums. Both providers have been recognized by WalletHub and J.D. Power as top providers, and both services can be found nationwide.


Geico stands out among senior-oriented car insurers as an affordable option. Their pricing, coverage options, discounts, guaranteed renewal program and roadside assistance for seniors have all received high reviews from customers and WalletHub alike. Furthermore, Geico can be found across nearly every state with an intuitive website designed specifically to cater to senior drivers.

Seniors often see their auto insurance rates rise with age, but keeping a clean driving record and being mindful about your health can help limit these increases. Being positive towards driving may also play a part in keeping rates affordable.

Some insurers provide telematics programs that monitor your driving behavior to provide savings, including factors like braking, acceleration, speeding and time of day you travel. You could even earn discounts by taking defensive driving courses – especially helpful for retirees as this will likely reduce their annual mileage driving totals.


Auto-Owners is an ideal option for drivers who prefer working with local agents and customizing their coverage to meet individual needs. It offers accident forgiveness, diminishing deductibles and new car replacement. Unfortunately it does not offer SR-22s and has higher rates for those with poor credit than other insurers reviewed; it also boasts one of the lowest customer complaint levels, indicating overall policyholder satisfaction.

Contrary to many major insurers, it does not operate from a central office and policies are sold via independent agents. They provide standard car policies like liability, collision, and comprehensive; as well as specialty types for classic cars or modified vehicles.

Rates depend on your age, driving record, location and vehicle type, but Auto-Owners typically offers cheaper estimates than the national average in most driver categories. Get a quote or manage your policy online or by calling one of our agents.


When selecting car insurance policies, several key elements must be taken into consideration. These include driving experience, vehicle type and location – such as whether a sports car costs more to insure than an everyday sedan – as well as whether or not they will be used exclusively for personal or professional purposes.

Drivers should consider both customer service and financial strength ratings before choosing their transportation provider. A low Complaint Index score denotes fewer complaints while a high rating suggests financial security.

Drivers can save money in addition to senior discounts by taking defensive driving courses. Companies like GEICO, State Farm and Farmers offer these discounts; USAA also provides one for those completing its SafePilotR telematics program which monitors driver behaviors like speeding and acceleration. Bundling policies together or raising the deductible can help drivers reduce expenses even more effectively – this is particularly applicable to seniors living on fixed incomes.

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