May 30, 2024

Which is the Best Diesel Truck?

Finding a trustworthy used diesel truck can be difficult. While new trucks offer state-of-the-art features and technology, many buyers opt for pre-owned models built for longevity instead.

These older pickups use diesel engines that are virtually indestructible and offer respectable fuel economy and towing capacities.

1. 2014 Ram 1500

2014 sees the Ram 1500 introduce its inaugural diesel option. A 3.0-liter, six-cylinder turbodiesel from VM Motori has been supplied; they were originally part of DaimlerChrysler before splitting apart.

Test drivers largely praise the Ram’s V6 diesel as an impressive contender in the full-size pickup market, boasting impressive fuel economy ratings and plenty of power for everyday truck use. Furthermore, its comfortable ride and handling makes this an excellent vehicle; not quite sporty in performance terms but still capable of keeping up with traffic at highway speeds while its brakes stop quickly if necessary.

The Ram’s interior ranks among the best in class, featuring roomy seats and clever storage solutions. While two-door Regular Cab models may provide minimal rear seat cargo space, Quad and Crew Cab models provide more extensive accommodations. Crash test results may differ but overall safety equipment performance remains competitive with that of other full-size trucks.

2. Chevy Silverado HD

Chevy’s heavy-duty Silverado HD stands as one of the leading contenders for best diesel truck. Available with regular or crew cabs and short or long beds, and powered by either a 401 horsepower gas V8 engine or Duramax turbodiesel producing 975 pounds-feet of torque; powered by either of two engine types through 10-speed automatic transmissions which maximize powertrain efficiency for faster engine peak performance – with Work Truck offering basic options while premium trim levels LT and LTZ offering more features you would find only found on higher trim levels like these vehicles.

Chevrolet updated their 2024 Silverado HD lineup with fresh front-end styling and improved interior upgrades, as well as unique towing-specific features like warning drivers when the combined weight exceeds their gross combined weight rating. An off-road ZR2 trim and High Country Midnight Edition round out their offerings; check one out at Walt Massey Chevrolet in Oak Grove to take a test drive with cutting-edge tech features!

3. Ford F-150

Ford’s perennial best-seller is the market’s most beloved pickup, and offers plenty of power, configuration options and luxury features. Standard V-6 power ensures maximum reliability for work applications while an available 400 horsepower twin turbo V6 provides optimal efficiency. An optional diesel engine and hybrid powertrain complete its lineup.

The F-150 boasts the best towing and payload capacities among its class thanks to its various powertrain options. When properly equipped, its base V-6 engine can haul up to 8,200 pounds or tow 14,000 pounds – both impressive capabilities.

The F-150 offers comfortable and refined driving dynamics, and has recently received high praise from reviewers. Furthermore, its interior trim options range from basic XL models up to luxurious Platinum and Lincoln Limited Limited editions; customization is easy too – however its fuel economy ratings don’t quite stack up against its Chevy and GMC siblings.

4. Chevrolet Colorado

The Chevrolet Colorado is a mid-sized diesel truck designed to look similar to a smaller Silverado. Available with either a 4-cylinder, V6, or Duramax engine – and boasting 26 highway mpg for 2WD models! Plus it can tow up to 7,700 pounds at maximum capacity with optional tow packages available as options.

Though newer diesel trucks offer greater efficiency and longer warranties, the best-selling models in the world tend to be older models that cost less but provide proven reliability history. Furthermore, older models respond well to aftermarket mods for greater power and performance – so check out our used diesel trucks for sale if you’re searching for an economical workhorse! Our experts are on hand to assist in finding you your ideal vehicle! Our professionals will gladly discuss all its specifications and features as well as compare it against similar makes/models!

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