April 18, 2024

Truck Accessories For Towing and Hauling

Sometimes you need to transport more cargo than your vehicle is designed to accommodate. Aftermarket truck parts such as hitches, ball mounts and trailer brake controllers make your task simpler.

Additional accessories to help secure your load include auxiliary lighting for tying it down and backup alarms to deter theft of equipment. Even something as basic as a bathroom scale can help you estimate its weight.

Auxiliary Lighting

Auxiliary lighting is an essential addition for anyone transporting cargo on their daily commutes, providing greater visibility than your stock lights and making it easier to see in adverse weather, unfamiliar terrain or during camping trips. Auxiliary lights come in different colors and styles to meet individual needs: fog patterns that illuminate roads while minimizing return glare, driving lights for high-speed travel as well as off-road lights for rougher terrain.

Transmission coolers can also prove invaluable for towing heavy loads: heavy loads can quickly overheat your transmission, so having such an accessory installed helps prevent things from heating up too rapidly.

Les Schwab offers all of the truck accessories necessary to add even more customization options and meet any task at hand. From hitches and ball mounts, trailer brakes and wiring connectors – which allow you to safely tow trailers to campers – our selection covers it all.

Backup Cameras

Utilizing appropriate truck accessories can make loading and unloading cargo much simpler, keeping items secure during transit, saving both time and physical effort – not to mention potentially avoiding back injuries! This equipment may also save physical effort in terms of avoiding back injuries.

Backup cameras installed to the rear of a truck can assist drivers when backing into tight parking spots, helping them line up their hitch and trailer with greater ease. They provide on-screen guidelines that direct them into parking spaces more smoothly as well as audible warnings when approaching objects that could pose potential obstacles.

Some trucks and SUVs come equipped with back-up cameras as standard equipment; other models can be purchased and installed easily. Most backup cameras mount to a vehicle’s rear bumper but some models also work in trailer receiver tubes or license-plate frames; wired systems may transmit images directly to driver monitors while wireless technology offers more flexible installation solutions.

Backup Alarms

If your truck is used for towing or hauling cargo, using a backup alarm is one way to keep everyone safe. These devices act as extra eyes during reverse gear, alerting you of any obstructions behind your trailer that might not be visible in its mirrors.

Back-up alarms can also serve to warn others in the area when a vehicle or trailer begins backing up slowly. They come in various designs and capacities; some even meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSH) requirements specifically for off-highway equipment.

Other accessories necessary for towing may include hitches, ball mounts and trailer brakes. While some of these are tailored specifically to utility trailers, car trailers or boat trailers, others can be used more broadly – even providing sway control functionality when air pressure changes or wind turbulence arises.

Trailer Lights

Trailer lights are an important way to ensure your cargo remains visible even in low light or rainy conditions. Please referring to US government regulations on trailer lighting to determine how many lights are necessary, their placement, and performance standards they must fulfill.

Faulty trailer lights can create hazardous road conditions when driving at night. Corroded wiring connections and loose bolts on existing lights are often to blame, while adding dielectric grease can reduce corrosion and improve electrical connectivity. To keep road users safe when travelling by night, ensure all existing trailer lights work effectively by checking and cleaning bolts on them before adding dielectric grease for better electrical connectivity and greater light output.

If your trailer lights are flickering, it may be time for a set of replacement trailer lights with wiring harnesses. There are various types of trailer lights available such as LED stop, turn and reflector lights as well as PC combination side marker and clearance lights; all compatible with standard trailer plugs for easy connection with your truck.

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