June 18, 2024

Car Design Trends

Even as car design advances over time, cars have come to look increasingly similar due to some trends that seemingly serve no other purpose than adding flash and flashiness.

Recently, manufacturers have prioritized performance and efficiency by cutting curb weight to enhance power-to-weight ratios and creating longer, lower, wider vehicles with enhanced aerodynamics and interior space.


Cars are composed of various parts that connect to a chassis or frame, such as their chassis or frame and chassis, with the most fundamental being their body – composed of roof, hood, fenders and doors – being assembled as one piece with all other pieces attached by bolts or fasteners. Most modern cars feature unibody designs where one metal piece provides the frame which all other pieces attaches directly.

Designers place great effort into designing the front end, which often resembles that of an animal or human face, because this area allows them to make an immediate statement at 100m away.

Vehicle designers add subtle graphical elements that break up its shape, such as contrasting roof colors or wheelarch cladding, which can help break up its overall profile and remove visual weight from tall body sides. Aside from these aesthetic preferences, designers must adhere to laws and type approval regulations which impose constraints on how a car should be created.


Interior of vehicles are designed for drivers and passengers to experience in close quarters, including steering wheels, dashboards, seats and door panels. Achieving optimal design results in significant purchase incentives and comfort features that increase ownership value and satisfaction levels for all concerned.

Design structure and decorative elements in a car’s interior reflect its concept, purpose, and spirit. From sports sedans featuring driver-oriented cockpits to flagship models that prioritize rear seat passenger comfort – Hyundai Motor Group models each showcase their own distinctive personality through interior designs that remain faithful to them.

An interior vehicle should reflect its style and price point. A luxury car may not sell well if its interior was covered with inexpensive vinyl flooring; low pile carpet should also be selected so as not to trap pedals underfoot; seat covers add a stylish flair, with their wide array of colors, species and designs available today.

Exterior Lighting

Lighting of cars plays a pivotal role in traffic safety, vehicle recognition and signaling. Headlights with their high and low beams, fog lights, daytime running lights, turn signals and brake lights are among its primary functions, while “vehicle to X” lights allow communication between drivers and other traffic participants.

Car designers typically spend the majority of their time designing the front end, where its ‘face’ often mirrors that of a human or animal face. A major element of front-end DRGs, the grille can also serve as an important design element in brand identification.

Graphics are an essential element of good design. But too much use of graphics can quickly make an unconsidered design appear immature and childish; just look at how children draw animals: their focus lies more on markings than on its actual form.


Most drivers lack technical expertise, which explains why they often confuse wheels, rims and tires. Yet understanding these three compartments is crucial to both vehicle safety and performance.

As a general definition, “wheel” refers to any metal unit attached via axle to an automobile’s wheel hub. Rims on wheels located around their outer edges serve to seal tires’ outer seals.

Wheels are essential parts of a car’s function, and can also be enhanced visually with various accessories to give vehicles an eye-catching appearance. Popular options for customization are spinners and floaters that spin when the vehicle moves or remains stationary; alloy wheels with stylized spokes create an eye-catching appearance while their more robust construction increases strength; as well as offering various tyre sizes to fit various rim sizes.

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